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Our Community was founded by dedicated IT Profesionals as a non-profit, community initiative in Ingolstadt. Our aim is to create a strong and effective network between IT professionals, trainees, interns, job seekers and employees. This Network ensures us those who start in the IT field from scratch can get a job quickly. For these purpose we organized a "Referencing Service" which job seekers can apply the positions with a reference.

Establishing solid relationships between employees and prepare an environment for commercial partnerships is one of our scope. In line with these objectives, we orginize many events such as “Mentoring Service” where we match employees and job seekers and Experience Sharing “How did I do it?” where employees share their experiences, face-to-face and online IT Meetings, Workshops and Trainings in every region. The corporate identity of ZERO2HEROs builts the opportunity to achieve these goals by cooperating with other associations, companies or official organisations.

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Here are the opportunities for our friends who want to be a #HERO as soon as possible...

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May the luck be with our other friends who want to become a HERO as soon as possible
New HEROes

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HEROes took action to support ZEROes who go to the market and make job applications. If there is a job postion suitable for you in the following companies, our HEROes can be your reference. If you send the link of position you want to apply to one of the group administrators of ZERO2HEROs from private, she/he will forward you to the person who will be your reference. Before applying for the job position, the reference must be contacted.


Connect with experienced IT professionals and gain personalized guidance on your career journey.


Explore valuable resources and references to enhance your IT expertise.


Discover our collaborations with like-minded organizations to support innovation in the IT industry.

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We believe that collaboration and strategic alliances are key to fostering innovation and driving growth in the IT industry. As we continue to expand our community and services, we are actively seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for advancing technology and empowering IT professionals.
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