What is ZERO2HEROs?

Its activities and decisions are independent.

ZERO2HEROs IT COMMUNITY was founded in July 2022 by five IT professionals and realised its first activity in Ingolstadt in October 2022.

Our community grows daily and has more than 500 members in 6 seperate areas in 10 different regions of Germany and in 12 different countries in Europe.

It has no official affiliation with any company, association or political, religious or ethnic group.
What is Z2Hs?

Our community encourages one-to-one communication and interaction.

ZERO2HEROs is not just a community of WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp is used as a communication channel for one-to-one communication and faster interaction.

To increase interaction and make it easier for everyone to express themselves, different groups have been set up in each branch and in each region.

Thanks to WhatsApp's new community feature, 30 different groups have been united under the name ZERO2HEROs – EUROPE. In this group, members cannot see each other and only administrators can share.

Activities are announced via the EUROPE group. Those who are in this group are considered natural members of ZERO2HEROs.
What is Z2Hs?

New members can only join the community with a referral from an existing member.

The security of our members is our top priority. That's why new members recommended by existing members will only be accepted.

In this way, everyone is actually a friend of one of our existing members, and it is known who is a reference for someone who joining the community.
What is Z2Hs?

It is a corporate community that organises its activities with a volunteer team.

It is a corporate community that organises its activities with a volunteer team by creating a network between ZEROes who are trying to get a new profession from scratch for different reasons, living in Europe, studying in a IT field or looking for a job, and HEROes working in the field of IT.

It also aims to turn ZEROes into HEROes and HEROes into SUPERHEROes. Those who are interested in the IT field or considering entering this field are not within the scope of this community.

Affirmative action can be applied for women and teenagers.

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